Dear Parents:                                                                      April 18, 2015

Thank you for your participation in the WASC accreditation
process.  A team of three highly credentialed and experienced educators
from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges spent 5 days at GCA,
reviewing prepared materials and documents, reviewing school policy,
examining test and standards data, and observing teachers and students.
Their final report ends with these words.

“The school is highly committed to providing the highest caliber of
education possible to every student at Grace Christian Academy.”

We especially applaud Dr. Owens for his transformation of GCA from a
textbook oriented school to a standards based school and for leading the
charge for the professional development of our teachers.  This is a
transformation which took years to produce effectively.  We recognize the
diligence of teachers as they work to create interesting and dynamic

The final outcome of the visiting team will not be announced until August
2015.  We will be sure to report their findings to you.

Under God’s Grace,
Bonnie Chow
Grace Christian Academy

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