Student Body


In May, 2018 the Student Body at GCA was comprised of 165 students in grades 1-12 representing 30 countries, including 5 diplomatic families.  50 elementary students, 42 middle school students, and 74 high school students.

High School students have two governing bodies which help to disseminate information, convey the opinions of the high school students to the administration, and assist with special programs throughout the school year.  The Student Government is an elected body; the Student Honor Society is nominated by teachers.

Community Service is encouraged throughout all ages at GCA.  Younger students may be accompanied by their teachers to a local kindergarten school, and older students may spend time cleaning a local park.  Community service time spent outside of GCA is presented to at the end of each quarter and recorded for the high school students on their report cards.  If students are eager to be involved in community service, and want some ideas to get them started, GCA is happy to point them in a direction of service. 

The student body has been generous for many years, contributing funds for the Charity Orphanage in Myanmar.  Occasionally, someone from the school will visit the orphanage to deliver money raised and to offer a note of encouragement.  For more information, please contact GCA.