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Non English Languages

Spanish 1
In Spanish 1, students will develop proficiency in three modes of communicative competence: interacting with other speakers of Spanish, understanding oral and written messages in Spanish, and making oral and written presentations in Spanish. Emphasis is placed on the use of Spanish in the classroom as well as on the use of authentic materials to learn about the culture.

Spanish 2
Prerequisite: Spanish 1. Spanish 2 is a continuation of the basic skills learned in Spanish 1. There is a continued focus on vocabulary/spelling, additional grammar concepts, conversational Spanish and developing writing skills.  Spanish II is heavily driven by the learning of vocabulary and new verb tenses. The course also allows students to explore the cultures of numerous Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish 3
Prerequisite: Spanish 2. Spanish 3 compares what connects Hispanic and international ways of life. It is specifically designed to prepare students for participation in an exchange program, as well as for future travel, study, or living abroad. Topics include exploring family living and becoming familiar with a city in the Spanish speaking world. Students expand their ability to perform all the functions developed in their previous courses while they work to improve skill and accuracy as their language becomes more complex. Students will use present, past, and future tenses in speaking and writing and will comprehend these tenses in listening and reading.

Spanish 4
Prerequisite: Spanish 3. Spanish 4 expands vocabulary from previous years of studies and incorporates more sophisticated grammatical structure into such topics as fitness, health, and comparisons of the lifestyle issues of American and Hispanic students. During second semester, students discuss the heroes of the Hispanic world and how their lives have contributed to the creative arts.

French 1
French 1 is an introduction to the French language and culture. Students will learn basic oral and written communication strategies in the target language. Course material will emphasize vocabulary, posing questions and responding, and basic grammar structures such as verb conjugation in the present tense, and noun/adjective agreement.

French 2
Prerequisite: French 1. French 2 is an intermediate course to the language and culture of French-speaking countries.  Students will build on the knowledge gained in French I to continue learning to communicate by speaking, reading, writing, and developing listening comprehension skills, in the target language.

French 3
Prerequisite: French 2. French 3 compares French culture with other international cultures. This includes comparing our educational systems, functioning with ease in France, and exploring family living. Students interact orally and in writing in present, past and future time in everyday, real life situations. They expand their ability to perform all the functions developed in their previous courses while they continue to develop their skill base.

French 4
Prerequisite: French 3. French 4 expands vocabulary from previous years of studies and incorporates more sophisticated grammatical structure into a variety of topics. During second semester, students discuss the French culture’s contributions to the creative arts.

Mandarin 1
This is an elementary language course designed to be the first level of a four-year sequential program guiding the students from beginner to low-intermediate level of Mandarin Chinese language. The course will concentrate on comprehension of the Mandarin language  with the purpose of enhancing students’ communicative skills. The course will be content driven giving students basic vocabulary and language skills to operate in a variety of situations.

Mandarin 2
Prerequisite: Mandarin 1. Mandarin 2 is designed to build on Mandarin 1 by introducing students to more of the Chinese language and culture of China. The goal is to continue developing basic listening, speaking, reading and handwriting abilities in Mandarin Chinese and to understand the customs and life of modern Chinese people.

Non English Courses to Add In The Future
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