Biblical Studies

Course Description

Bible is a two semester, twice weekly course spanning Pre-history with the creation to the Apostolic Era.. The course emphasizes the teaching of Biblical truths with some minor integration of Common Core English language skills (The Schoolwide Learner Outcomes) of reading, writing, and speech through projects and research of Biblical content. Assignments involve reading, writing, and speech skills and are adjusted accordingly to grade levels. Reading selections encompass books of the Bible in the Old and New Testament. A goal of the course is to make Biblical truth relevant and life changing.

Bible Study Cycle

Year 1
      1st Semester- Life of Christ
      2nd Semester- Acts Bible study
Year 2
     1st Semester- Genesis Bible Study
     2nd Semester- Exodus Bible Study
Year 3
     1st Semester- The Miracles of Jesus, 1/2 The Parables of Jesus
     2nd Semester- 1/2 The Parables of Jesus, New Testament Epistles
Year 4
     1st Semester- Israel’s Wanderings Bible Study
     2nd Semester- Joshua-Judges-Ruth Bible Study

Students entering the school year can easily adapt to the curriculum without the need of prior knowledge.