MS Student Supply List

Middles School Student Supply List                2020 – 2021


* New Students: Please begin to buy these supplies after you have met the teacher and understand clearly what items are needed.

* Returning Students: Please begin to buy the items that you clearly understand.

* All Students:  Please bring a water bottle with you every day to school.


Supplies needed for two or more classes.

pens (black & blue)


pencil sharpener


highlighters (at least 3 colors)

plastic folder


glue stick

ruler: both inches & centimeters: 6 inches/15cm or longer

loose-leaf lined paper

loose-leaf graph paper


Supplies needed for specific classes.

Math class:

6th  Grade Math class:

Spiral notebook: A4 size at least 50 pages




7th Grade Math class

3-Ring Binder

3-Ring binder dividers




8th Grade Math class

3-ring binder with 5 dividers

scientific calculator


Reading class:

A 1inch A4 size four ring binder.

A package of loose-leaf A4 size notebook paper (that can fit a four-ring binder)

A package of A4 size tab dividers (that can fit a four-ring binder)


Science class:

Spiral notebook: A4 size and at least 50 pages (available for NT$100 at GCA)

colored pencils (at least 5 colors)


Grammar class:

1 notebook A4 size or similar

USB (size does not matter)


Social Studies class:

2 spiral notebooks A4 or similar size (one for class notes to study, and one for homework assignments)



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