Grade 3

Language Arts

Language Arts in third grade at GCA is a challenging, yet enjoyable, study of the English language. Our goal is that students will become effective oral and written communicators. Students deepen their understanding of grammar, writing mechanics, and word usage both in our A Beka Language 3 book and in the context of real-life writing experiences. All of our students look forward to writer’s workshop time, where they learn good writing techniques and go through the writing process, from pre-writing to publishing their original stories. Cursive handwriting is introduced in the second quarter of the year.


The reading program in third grade serves to deepen students’ love for reading, as well as continue giving them the tools they need to be more fluent and confident readers. Students enjoy the varied selections of the Scott Foresman Celebrate Reading curriculum, which introduces them to many of the genres of literature. They learn to apply more sophisticated comprehension strategies, both in their basal readers and in classroom chapter books. Building vocabulary and reinforcing phonics skills are also emphasized as key reading tools.


Third grade math, which utilizes the A Beka Arithmetic 3 textbook, begins with a thorough review of the facts and concepts learned in grade 2, providing a foundation for the material covered in grade 3. Extensive work is provided in multiplication and division, story problems, Roman numerals, standard English and metric measures, averaging numbers, equations, geometric figures, and fractions. In addition to the work in our math book, students learn to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills through hands-on activities, problem solving, logic puzzles, math games, and challenging mental arithmetic exercises.

Social Studies

Using A Beka’s Our American Heritage textbook, students are introduced to American history by reading the biographies of people that hold a significant place in the development of the United States. The very engaging narratives help students to make personal connections with the facts and events of history in a way that is truly unforgettable. In our Map Skills book, students learn to recognize the 7 continents, 5 oceans, all 50 states, and important mountains, lakes, and rivers of the U.S. They also learn how to use a map key, compass rose, grid, and distance scale.

Science and Health

We use the A Beka textbook Exploring God’s World as the basis of our science curriculum. Beginning with the most special part of God’s creation, man, third graders learn about the human body, with an emphasis on the nervous, musculoskeletal, and digestive systems. Students then explore the world of plants, and later, the world of animals, becoming familiar with invertebrates and vertebrates and how to classify them. Students will “visit” the ocean, desert, pond, forest, and field, observing plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates in these environments from a Christian perspective. A study of the weather is also included. Our health curriculum involves a study of posture, exercise, nutrition, safety, manners, hygiene,and first aid.


Our third grade students all look forward to Bible time. This year, our theme is God’s grace, and as we read through our children’s Bibles, we are tracking God’s grace in the lives of His people. We will also be studying the parables of Jesus in the second semester, and seeing what they have to teach us about the Kingdom of God.


Third graders are always ready for time in the computer lab! They practice typing, receive lessons in computer/internet safety, become familiar with Adobe Photoshop, learn about Word, create cards in Publisher, and prepare their first PowerPoint presentation. Additionally, student search and learn about knew places on Google Earth. The GCA computer lab is equipped with new Intel dual-core computers and the Windows 7 operating systems. GCA is a registered member of the Microsoft Dreamspark program (