Level 3 Precautions May 18

Dear Parents:

              The risk level of 3 in Taiwan has not changed, however, due to the population density in Taipei and New Taipei City and the recent spread of covid 19, the government has asked that students remain at home for the next 9 school days; May 18-28.  Learning will continue.  Many of the teachers have been using online platforms to communicate with their students and they will continue to use those same platforms.  These platforms are where the students will get the most current information from their teachers.  If your son/daughter has forgotten passwords, etc, the students can call the teachers at school.  All teachers will be at school from 8:00-4:00 throughout the shut down period.  If you don’t hear from a teacher, please assume that your son/daughter needs assistance and call the school to speak directly with the teacher.  Elementary teachers will communicate with parents, not students. 

              Students in grades 6-12 need to prepare for final exams.  We will wait to create new exam schedules as we watch to see how the spread of covid 19 is affected by the school shutdown.  Exams will not take place virtually.  They must be completed in person, at school.  It is not our desire to extend the school calendar beyond June 10, however, we may end the school year before that time.  The decision is pending as we watch the effects of the shutdown.    

              Please stay indoors.  Without this compliance, the shutdown will have served no purpose. 

Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow

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