Our Response To The Rise in Covid Cases

Dear Parents:

Thank you for your diligence during this week of standardized testing. The students have finished their testing with the Iowa Assessments, and we are pleased with the pervading attitudes of calm and quiet. Please note that scores from these tests will contribute to the fourth quarter grades. No study guides were available for any subject or grade levels. The materials were such as would be commonly included in the standards for each grade level and provide a good view of student performance. 

There have been calls regarding the rise in covid and omicron cases in Taiwan. Here is how GCA has responded.

  1. We will stay open with in-class learning as long as possible. We see the value of meeting in person and we are grateful for school families and their efforts to avoid public spaces and group
  2. In regard to distant connections to covid cases, we ask that students stay at home for 5 days before returning to school; 5 calendar days, not 5 school days. We do not have on line learning available for these students who are at home, however, they will stay connected with teachers via the platform used throughout the school year. Thus far, 4 students have had such a distant contact. They have been healthy, with no signs of Each has their own story, and each scenario is highly unlikely to have allowed for transmission. Staying at home is a precaution. Each family has been calm and pro-active in protecting GCA.
  3. If online learning is mandated by the government for private schools, middle school and high school students will maintain their same schedules for their academic core subjects, however, “specials” will not Elementary students will move to a new schedule with a minimum of 3 hours of online learning each day for students in grades 1-3 and a minimum of 4 hours each day for students in grades 4-5. Teachers will use the same platforms which they have been using throughout the school year to stay connected to parents and students after school hours.

Some families are quite concerned about the spread at school. Here are some precautions that we are taking.

  1. The building was disinfected during the spring break, including restrooms, hallways and other shared This was an outside contractor and in addition to our own disinfecting process.
  2. All field trips have been This includes one trip which was scheduled for last week and the senior trip, which was scheduled for this week. We applaud those disappointed students for their cooperative attitude.
  3. All sports events with other schools have been
  4. Students are not allowed to go to 7-11 during school hours, or any other
  5. Students must wear masks throughout the school
  6. Student work spaces are disinfected frequently. Middle school and high school students ought to have the habit of wiping down their desk and chair each time they change classrooms. Please confirm with your son/daughter that this is happening. We have confirmed that wipes, alcohol and our “magic water” are available to students in each However, some students are more comfortable carrying their own disinfectant wipes to school.

When we think of the impact of Covid on the orphanage in Myanmar, we are grateful that we live in Taiwan.

When we think of the impact of wars in parts of the world, we are grateful that we live in Taiwan. We have much to thank God for. This school year we have read from the Psalms in our classrooms each morning. We recently read Psalm 121: “I lift up my eyes to the hills-where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow


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