Science Fair 2021

Dear Parents:

              The enthusiasm at the Science Fair was so vibrant and energetic!  Thank you for your involvement in the projects.  It is clear that students were engaged in learning and internalized concepts taught in the classrooms as they worked through their projects. 

              We are looking forward to parents being at our Christmas celebration.  Please note that the government has just recently relaxed mask mandates which directly affected Miss Chen’s preparations.  When this school year opened, singing in choirs was not permitted and until this month, students were only allowed to play string instruments.  This made things very challenging for the Recorder Bands, Beginning Band and the Orchestra, as well as the choirs.  Yet, we are still eager to have students perform again.  We feel that it is another unique learning opportunity and another aspect of school which can’t be duplicated through online learning. 

              The Christmas programs will follow the schedule as outlined in the school calendar, with no changes anticipated.

December 2021

1 Elementary Christmas Program

   7:00pm, attendance required for

   Elementary students only


2 MS/HS Christmas Program

   7:00pm, attendance required for

   MS/HS students only


2 no classes for the elementary students


3 no classes for MS/HS, but Elementary

   Students return to classes

Other events are also on schedule.

Thanksgiving celebrations: Wednesday, November 24 and our Thanksgiving vacation, November 25 and 26. 

Second quarter final exams for middle school students, December 13-17.  Second quarter final exams for high school students conducted over two days, December 16-17.  Please do not request an early dismissal.  All students will be dismissed at 1:00 on Friday, December 17, to begin the Christmas vacation period of December 18-January 2.  Classes will return to a full day schedule on Monday, January 3.

Special notes for high school students:

*College Awareness Assemblies on November 5 and 9.  GCA graduates have/are attending each of these universities.

*A tailor will visit GCA next week to measure the high school students for the new uniform pants.  These pants will be ready for the students to wear in January.  Dress code infractions from high school students are a daily occurrence.  Having a required uniform pant for all to wear will alleviate that situation at least in regard to pants, shorts and skirts.  Students will be required to wear the P.E. shorts in the month of November.  If you are in support of purchasing uniform sweatpants for the students to wear during their P.E. classes, please send a note or call the school office to express that opinion.

Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow

Micah 6:8  He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

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