Non-Core Academic Subjects

Non-Core Academic Subjects

Students will point out that GCA has a focus on academics, however, as a small school, the opportunities in non academic areas is sufficiently representative so as promote a healthy and balanced life.  Students are offered classes for P.E., Art, Bible, Computer and Music. 

Elementary students have two hours each week for P.E. The sports program involves competitive sports, beginning at grade 6, with a variety of basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, badminton, cross country, and swimming.  P.E. classes meet at the local junior high or a local public park.  The Nangang park is gorgeous and is just down the street from GCA.  Students in grades 1-9 meet with the Art teacher once a week.

Everyone has chapel once a week. In addition, Bible classes are for everyone. Elementary students meet for thirty minutes four times a week, and middle school and high school teachers meet for 90 minutes each week for Bible classes. 

Computer classes are available for students in grades 1-12, but only mandatory for students in grades 1-9.  Music classes for students vary.


Grades 1-3; 60 minutes/week for voice and music theory, plus 30 minutes/week for ukuleles

Grades 4-5; 60 minutes/week for voice and music theory, including recorders

Grades 6-8; 90 minutes/week in one of the following: voice, guitar, beginning band, or orchestra

Grades 9-12; 90 minutes/week in either voice, or orchestra

Performances are three times each year; Christmas, the Talent Show, and the Graduation program.