Grade 4 & 5

Our program is uniquely designed  to help students successfully transition from elementary school to middle school. The students participate in a half day of Language Arts, Reading, and Bible, as well as a half day of Math, Science, and Social Studies.


The fourth and fifth graders at Grace Christian Academy love to read!  Not only do we read our basal readers (Scott Foresman’s Celebrate Reading) but we read many novels throughout the year.  We are learning to discuss what we read and ask each other interesting questions about the reading.  Students are challenged to think beyond the words and taught to use critical thinking skills as they complete activities each week.  Activities include not only comprehension and vocabulary building, but also many interdisciplinary projects that show the students how stories can be used to learn in all academic areas (and some fun ones – like Art!).

Language Arts

Fourth and fifth graders work hard to learn and understand English grammar.  Our ABeka program provides them with a good understanding of the parts of speech and what is considered good English usage of words.  We will learn how to do descriptive, persuasive, expository, and narrative writing.  By the second semester, we will be producing a class
newspaper for our parents and other students.  Included in our language arts and reading classes will be opportunities to develop weblogs and discussions of how to properly write emails, what information to share on social networks, and how to use the internet safely and wisely.


Bible is an exciting time for all of us.  This year we are learning all about God’s grace.  The first semester we will be discussing God’s family, who God is, and our attitudes.  The second semester we will talk about the fruit of the Spirit.  Everything is presented with ideas for applying the things students learn to their own personal lives.


The GCA fourth and fifth grade mathematics program uses the Arithmetic 4 & 5 Work-textbooks and curriculum by A Beka Books. The text contains a variety of exercises involving both new and review materials in each lesson. This program allows your child to explore new concepts in mathematics while continuing to practice previously covered material.


The fourth and fifth graders at Grace Christian Academy use the A-Beka Science Series. This series is designed to integrate God’s word and Science. The Students will explore a fascinating curriculum about Gods’ Plan for nature and the world around us. Students are taught to use critical thinking and observational skills. Our students have the opportunity to study scientific principals taught from a Christian perspective.

Social Studies

Social Studies is taught from  Regions: Adventures in Time and Place and United States: Adventures in Time and Place By McGraw Hill. These texts takes students on a journey from the Early Settlers to World War I. Students will have the opportunity to participate in many projects which integrate technology and thematic instruction.