Student Clubs

Each August, teachers review their schedules and students get involved with proposals for clubs.  Some clubs have been long time staples, such as the weekly after school sports sessions, and other club ideas seem to come and go at the interest of the students, such as the reading club and the Red Cross club.  If you have a club idea, please share it.

  In order to start up a new idea, write a one paragraph proposal and get one other student to join you in a search for a teacher to be your club sponsor.  As with the two students who started up the badminton club, you may discover that there are many students who were hoping that someone would initiate the start up.

List of clubs for 2017-2018:
  • After School Sports
  • Uturn
  • UrTurn
  • AV Crew
  • Honor Society
  • Afternoon Sports
  • Sound/Lighting Tech Group
  • Student Advisory
  • Ukulele
  • Worship Team