Student Application Form

  • Prospective Student Application Form

  • Parents

  • Business Address for Daytime Contact

  • Previous School

  • If the contact person is outside of Taiwan, please provide a fax number or email address. This contact person must have first hand knowledge of the student and testify as to whether the student had academic and/or behavioral difficulties at school. We prefer to contact the most recent teacher. The opinion of the contact person will not determine acceptance or rejection of the applicant; However, it will contribute to a decision regarding a probationary acceptance.

    Does the student have an academic, behavioral or physical disability, which, in the opinion of society, would hinder his/her daily task? If yes, please provide details.

    Thank you for completing this application form. Please follow these instructions to submit the form. If you are already using an email program installed on your computer, you may be able to automatically send this application by clicking the submit button in the top right corner. Please follow the instructions below if you use web-based email.

    Click: (File), then click (Save As). On the next screen, select a location on your computer to store a copy of this PDF file then click (Save). Finally, attach a copy to an email and send to both and In the subject line, please write (Student Application).

    God Bless!