Summer School 2015

 Since 1999, Grace Christian Academy has offered summer school for students who have finished grade one, but have not yet entered grade seven.  Grace Christian Academy Summer Session, year 2015, will be conducted July 1-29.  Here is an outline of the summer program and a registration form.  We are thankful for the opportunity to include your child in the Grace Christian Academy Summer School Program.  The month of July has been planned to improve English skills in spoken and written forms.  If you have questions, please contact our school office.

Summer Schedule:

Date:   July 1- July 29

Time:  9:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Students may arrive as early as 8:30.

Location:  Grace Christian Academy, No. 67 Dong Sing St., Nan Kang, Taipei 115

Cost:  NT$30,000 for all classes, textbooks, meals, and field trips.  This does not include daily transportation.   Bus routes are not as extensive as during the school year, however, we’ll try to meet your need.  Please contact the school for more details.

Daily Schedule

Students will be placed in classes according to age and English ability.  Each child has six, one-hour classes per day, with a variety of teachers from our international program at Grace Christian Academy.  Classes include, English, Bible, Art, Physical Education, Social Studies, and Science.  Teachers work together to increase the learning potential and integrate their studies.

 Field Trips

We plan trips each Wednesday to give the students real life conversation time with our teachers, to create learning experiences, and to bring the outdoors into the lives of students as part of their summer vacation.  There is no additional charge for these trips.  Trips will be cancelled if the weather is not suitable.


All of the summer school teachers have taught at Grace Christian Academy.  Students familiar with GCA will be happy to learn that the list of teachers for the elementary students includes Mrs. Berg, Mrs. Albano, Mr. and Mrs. Sando, and David Chow.  (This is the David Chow who has taught summer school in the past, not the high school math teacher.)   Mr. Te will be working with older students, as he has done for the past few years.


EnglishMrs. BergArtMr. Sando
ScienceMrs. AlbanoPhysical EducationMr. Sando and David Chow
Social StudiesMrs. SandoBibleDavid Chow



It is not our goal to keep the younger students occupied with homework during the evening hours.  Light assignments can keep parents informed of vocabulary and subject material, but homework will not be extensive.  This differs from the older students who will have regular assignments.

 Summer Courses

Our theme for this summer is “On the Move”.  It is vital for growth and development that children connect their academic studies to practical learning.  We will be linking the subject areas for increased potential learning.  The summer school program is especially significant for students who are in the process of transitioning into full time English programs.  All subjects are taught in English.

Physical Education:

Summer is a time for being outdoors and getting exercise.  Expect a combination of sports, games, exercises and learning.  We hope to be outdoors every day, so please remember your hat and your water bottle.  If there is some reason why your child cannot engage in outdoor exercise, please inform us.  Swimming lessons at a local pool will be provided once a week, weather permitting.

Talent Show:

On Wednesday, July 29, students will have an opportunity to perform in our second floor auditorium.  This is great fun for us, so please plan early for a special presentation to demonstrate your child’s musical talent or other area of interest.  If your child prefers not to perform, don’t worry, our program will include all of the students in a manner which reduces stress!


Please complete the attached form and return it to the Grace Christian Academy office with full payment.  The information listed will help us to prepare for your child and give vital information needed in case of an emergency.  The brief questions will help us in determining your child’s language ability.  All first grade students are grouped together, with Ms. Gwen helping out again this year.  However, other students are grouped according to English proficiency levels, within their age range.  Therefore, your child may be in class with other students who are a year or two different in age, yet have a similar English level.


Summer School Classes offered to Middle School students in 2015

Grace Christian Academy is offering summer school for students who have finished grade eight, and those who are currently in high school.  Grace Christian Academy Summer Session, year 2014, will be conducted in July; July 1-29.  This letter outlines the summer program and provides a registration form.  We are thankful for the opportunity to include your son/daughter in the Grace Christian Academy Summer School Program.


The English classes are of particular importance to students who are still working to develop English skills.  The class is available to students in grades 7-10 who are working below their current grade level expectations.  The program is especially important for students transferring to GCA in August from bi-lingual or Chinese programs.  These students can expect to improve their English skills through vocabulary development, reading, writing, and research.  This class is taught by Mr. Te, a well-liked teacher.  (Please don’t be misled by his name; he cannot conduct his classes in Chinese!) Clearly, the English summer high school program at GCA has proven to be a positive transitional tool for students entering GCA in the fall semester.


Please complete the attached form and return it to the Grace Christian Academy office.  The information listed will help us to prepare for your child and give vital information needed in case of an emergency.


Registration Form              Summer Session, 2015             Date submitted: ____________


Student’s Name (English)_______________­­­­­___________(Chinese)______________________


Grade completed at school, in June, 2015______  Current Age _____ Birth date _____________




Telephone numbers:  Home ___________________ Student’s cell phone___________________


Cell phones: Father:  _________________________ Mother:  __________________________

Email address (es): ______________________________________________

Third Party, Emergency number________________ name ___________ Relationship: ________


Medical Alert:

  1. Has your child received all standard vaccinations?  ____yes  ____no


  1. Does your child take regular medications?  ____yes  ____no  If yes, please explain the reason for those medications.



  1. Does your child have food allergies?  ____yes  ____no  If yes, please list details here.




  1. Is there any additional medical situation which the teachers need to watch for and be aware of?  ____yes____no If yes, please list details.




  1. Is there any reason why your child should not be expected to participate in all Physical Education activities?  ____yes ____no  If yes, please list details.




Information helpful to determine placement level

  1. Has your child ever studied in a full time English school system?  ____yes ____no
  2. Has your child studied in a full time Bi-lingual school system?  ____yes ____no
  3. Has your child attended our summer session in the past?  ____yes ____no
  4. Does your family speak English at home?  ____yes  ____no
  5. Does your child read English books for pleasure?  ____yes  ____no
  6. How many years has your child studied English in after school classes? ______
  7. Has your child lived in an English speaking country outside of Taiwan? ____yes ____no
  8. Does your child travel regularly to an English speaking country? ____yes ____no





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