Parent-Teacher Conference

Dear Parents:

              Thank you for participating in our semi-annual Parent-Teacher conferences.  Parents of all of the elementary families visited GCA for a conference; only two of the middle school families were not able to visit for a conference, and all but five of the high school families came to learn more about the classroom performance of their sons and daughters.  We know that you are busy and that you had to plan around your work schedules in order to have this time with the teachers.  We believe that it was important and we are grateful for your insights into the learning attitude as you see it at home. 



Elementary: 100%

Middle School: 96%

High School: 91%

Overall: 96%


              Thank you for your gifts and well wishes.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated by us all.

              We give special thanks to Mr. Tran and Vietnam Airlines for their donation of 1000 face masks to GCA.  Since the students must wear them on the school vans and all must enter GCA wearing face masks, this is quite helpful. 

              Please note that we have seen a rise in the number of students appearing ill.  We are reminded that during the winter months of the last school year, we asked parents to keep their children at home, even when the illness was minor.  This served to keep all of us healthy.  We will continue to send home any students who feel a need to sleep in class and all who appear ill. 


Upcoming Calendar Dates          


   1-2 Moon Festival, no classes

   7 Flu Shots available at GCA; more information coming this week

   12-16 Quarterly Exams, grades 6-8

   15-16 Quarterly Exams, grades 9-12; 1:00 dismissal

   19 Second Quarter

   27 Science Fair, grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 only


   17 Midterm

   26-27 Thanksgiving Vacation


Under God’s Grace,

Bonnie Chow


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