April 20-24, Iowa Assessments

Dear Parents:

                Next week, April 20-24, Iowa Assessments will be administered to students in grades 1-12.  Your son/daughter should not be anxious, but preparation and special considerations are needed.

                1. Eat healthy meals and get a good night’s sleep each night.

                2. Arrive at school on time.  Testing will begin at:

                                Elementary students: Monday-Friday, 8:00

                                Middle school students: MWF 8:00, TTh 9:00

                                High school students: MWF 10:30, T 9:00, Th 9:00 and 1:00

                3. Come prepared: No. 2 pencils, eraser

                4. Have the right attitude and effort.  Scores from the test will become part of the fourth quarter grades, they will be used to track personal progress, and they will be used to track school wide progress.

                5. School will close Monday-Friday at 2:45.  Homework schedules will be lightened.  Parent conferences have been cancelled.

                6. Students may not enter the classroom after a testing session has begun.  Make up sessions will be conducted during regular class hours, but no later than Monday morning, April 27.

                Today is the last day of the registration period for the 2020-2021 school year, however, several families have called to say that due to covid 19, their work assignments are not yet finalized.  We have decided to extend our registration period until May 8, however, we cannot hold seats for students on the school vans.  Please stay in contact with us even as you wait for the company to make their decisions.  You are important to us!

                The Spring Break brought on a bit of apprehension, however, we have now had two weeks of school without any signs of our families being in contact with covid 19.  We thank you for your efforts and for adjusting your schedules to stay away from public areas.  I have attached more photos to demonstrate that students are wearing masks.  We continue to disinfect classrooms and surface areas, check temperatures, and send kids home who exhibit signs of illness.

Under God’s Grace,

Bonnie Chow


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