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February 26, 2013

MS/HS Parents


Dear Parents:

The Annual Talent Show, “The Making of Talent”, will be presented next Monday evening, March 4, at 7:00pm.  Please plan to attend.  The program is the longest of the evening programs presented during the school year, but it is typically the program which holds the greatest enthusiasm from the students.  Ths program is special because the students take control of the organization and creative design.  This is their only opportunity to make the decisions regarding the musical selections.  You have a lot to look forward to!  Please remember that seating was a challenge at the Christmas program and plan to arrive a bit earlier if you want prime seating.

Middle School and High School students should arrive at 6:30 if they have an instrument to prepare and 6:45 for choir members.  Supervision is not available after school, however, certain classrooms will remain open for students who prefer to stay at school.  (Elementary students may not stay after school due to the lack of supervision.)

Please remember that all students wear their “black and white” performance clothes; black dress pants and white dress shirt for the boys, and long black skirt and white blouse for the girls.  We could see during the dress rehearsal that some students have grown and need a new set of clothes.  Black hose for the girls would be nice.  Black shoes are best, but please don’t feel that you need to purchase new shoes.

Please be advised that students will have the day off following the Talent Show.  There will be no high school or middle school classes on Tuesday, March 5.  (The elementary students have classes on Tuesday but do not have classes on Wednesday, March 6.)

There will be no school on Thursday, February 28, however, school is open on Friday, March 1.

The student council has asked for a change in the exam schedule.  Please be advised, that the exam schedule listed on the school calendar for March 18-22 has been shortened to a two day schedule, March 18 and 19.  High school students will have exams each morning and no classes in the afternoon.  The April standardized test schedule will not be changed.

April 22-26 is also the week for the high school Internship Program.  We can still accommodate more companies and we are willing to communicate with the appropriate officials, at your recommendation.  This is an opportunity to introduce our students to real life experiences in the corporate environment, during their final years of high school.

Thank you,

Mrs. Chow

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