GCA News Update

Dear Parents:

 The annual celebrations for the Chinese New Year have begun at Grace Christian Academy.  We thank Mrs. Peterson, who along with Miss Wang and her students, painted the first floor windows.  The great array of children celebrating the Chinese New Year and other symbols wishing you the best of God’s blessings, is adorable.

 We’re grateful for a couple of days of sunny weather which have dried out the soccer field.  Our annual Field Day is set for Tuesday.  Please wear clothes for outdoor fun and bring along a second set for cleaning up when we’re finished.  Elementary students need to wear their red GCA shirt.  Older students need to wear the red GCA polo and bring along their gray P.E. shirt.  The shirts will serve the purpose of designating teams.  A full water bottle is essential!

Wednesday is the 100th Day of the school year.  All elementary students must bring to school a set of 100 items from home, as part of the celebration.  This should be a fun project to complete with your child.  Look around the house and spot something that can be counted out; marbles, paper clips, coins, race cars, lego blocks, straws, marshmallows, etc.  They do not need to be mounted or marked.

Thursday is our Hot Pot Day.  Each year we look forward to this time of eating a relaxed meal in the classroom as a time to talk and build friendships.  Bring in some of your favorite foods for the hot pot.  Homeroom teachers are coordinating the needs and the students will do their own cooking.  This is always a special event; enjoyed as much as Thanksgiving.

Practice sessions for the Speech Meet are continuing.  All speeches should have been memorized by this time so that work sessions can concentrate on delivery.  January 28 is the day that most students will give their speeches.  Other academic courses continue on the regular schedule.

A photographer will come to GCA on Thursday, February 7.  He will take individual and group photos for the Yearbook.  All sports teams will take group photos so be sure to bring your team uniforms to school.  He is also available for sibling and family photos.

Our vacation period is from February 8-17.  No homework will be given during that time.

We wish you God’s care as you travel and spend time with your family.

Mrs. Chow

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