From the Principal: Science Fair!

Dear Parents,

The GCA Science Fair is next Wednesday November 7, from 7 to 8:30 pm. Students began their classroom presentations today.  Wednesday evening is an opportunity for them to respond to questions from parents.  Please come, circulate around the rooms, ask questions, and encourage the students.  It will be good for you to see the students interact with their friends and teachers.


Please complete the Science Fair Survey before leaving GCA to return home.  Students will earn points for surveys submitted by the adults who accompany them.  They can earn points for only two adults, but we certainly invite you to bring along visitors.

All students are presenting projects.  You are invited to visit around the building. Projects will be displayed at the following locations:

Elementary students: fifth floor, room 505

Middle School Grades 6-8, eighth floor, rooms 801-803

High School, fourth floor, rooms 401-402

The science fair is a formal presentation for the students.  Therefore, we ask that students wear what we refer to as their “formal black and whites”.  For boys, this is a white dress shirt (not a t-shirt, jersey or polo) and black pants, and for the girls, this is a white blouse and long black skirt. The students will set up their project boards before leaving school in the afternoon, so they will need to arrive at 7:00 pm for the start of the fair. Each student will stand at his/her project board for the first part of the evening and later visit other rooms.

The school day will follow a regular schedule, dismissing at 3:45.  No child care will be provided for students between 3:45 and 7:00.  Please do not expect students in grades 1-5 to stay at school and wait for the program to begin.  If you need more time to make the trip home, it will be fine for your child to leave school early.  Middle school students will be allowed to wait on the eighth floor, but there will not be continuous supervision. High school students often take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with their friends. Please discuss with your son/daughter the plans for the time period between 3:45 and 7:00.

Public parking areas are available in the basement of the local hospital, and at a parking garage located across the street from the hospital.  No parking is available in the evening in our basements.

Reminder:  Thanksgiving vacation is November 22-23. Christmas vacation is December 17-January 3.  Check out the new look of the GCA website,!


Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow

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