Corona Virus Update Precautionary Steps Taken

Dear Parents:

                We want to acknowledge the families who have kept their children at home.  We appreciate your compliance so that the students at GCA can have a greater potential for isolation against the Corona Virus and parents can have a greater peace of mind.  We understand that some of you have taken great measures and accepted additional expenses to have a family member stay at a hotel or make requests through your company to avoid traveling at this time. Thank you.

                Please continue to be diligent with the children.  Here are a few of the extra precautions we have promoted.


*getting more sleep at night

*eating healthy food and drinking lots of water

* avoid being out in public for entertainment and instead, stay at home


                As a  school, we have taken special precautions at lunchtime, during sports activities, and previously planned activities outside of GCA such as sports competitions, field day, swimming lessons, and field trips.  The classrooms have been disinfected and teachers have available to them three different methods to wipe down surfaces where the students make contact.

                In regard to academics, note that the annual Speech Meet has been moved to February 12-14.  Students not at school will not be required to present their speeches during chapel, but there will be make up sessions.  Teachers have made other academic adjustments, such as postponing group work, but please take note that the midterm failing notices will be sent home on schedule.

                We thank the teachers for maintaining regular schedules, noting that the consistency brings calmness and assures the students that all is well.  We thank God for a group of teachers who have demonstrated love and concern for their students.  

Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow




                Here are some numbers which may be of interest to you. 





Middle School

High School

Total percentage absent on Thursday, February 6




Number of students at home due to a leave of absent resulting from traveling in China or visitors from China







Number of students at home because of worry about the spread of the Corona Virus







Number of students not at school for other reasons. Ex. extending trips since siblings are at other schools, previously planned vacations, studying for SAT or other external exams, my friend isn’t at school.













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