Corona Virus Update February 26, 2020

Dear Parents:                                                                                     February 26. 20220

                Our thoughts and prayers reach out to those parts of the world where the coronavirus has been impactful.  As we pray for God’s intervention and wisdom for decision-makers, we are again thankful for the transparency and cooperation of our families at GCA.  We have been informed that as of Monday, February 24, people entering Taiwan from Korea will need to quarantine themselves for two weeks.  If the parents/relatives/friends/co-workers of families at GCA, who arrive in Taiwan as of Monday, February 24, visit a home where GCA students and their family members are living, please note that those children must experience a two-week quarantine before rejoining their classmates at GCA.  We are grateful for parents, students, and teachers who have accepted this two-week quarantine without objection. 

                In addition to more frequent hand washings, we continue to spray our classrooms and shared spaces with a non-toxic disinfectant that kills bacteria within 10 seconds of contact.  This disinfectant is used in every classroom in spray bottle form for surfaces touched by students.  As high school students move from room to room, they have this disinfectant available to wipe down each desk.  It is also being used daily on doorknobs, elevator buttons, and railings.  This same spray can be used to extend the life span of masks.  Students should feel comfortable knowing that even a light spray will kill bacteria and allow the continued use of the masks for an additional day or two.  This disinfectant is not available for sale in Taiwan, so students should take advantage of its availability at GCA.  Below is an explanation of why this nontoxic solution can be so powerful and yet 100% safe for us.

Please note that we continue to be vigilant in regard to allowing visitors to GCA access to our building.   The grandparents of a new student at GCA got quite an unexpected jolt at the end of the day as we rushed to keep them at the gate.  They thought they could enter our building, search for their granddaughter and use the restroom.  They were good-natured as they were met with a barricade at our steps as we jumped to keep them out of our building. 

As we search for more ways to assure the well being of our students, we recognize the risks we are taking with our Talent Shows.  Each year the Talent Shows bring in unknown visitors, strangers, and some of the more vulnerable persons in our families, babies and the elderly.  We understand the disappointment of our students, however, we have decided to move our Annual Talent Shows into school hours and keep them closed to family and visitors.  No guests will be allowed at the Talent Shows.  The evening programs have been canceled and instead, the performances will be presented only to our students.  There will be no evening performances, therefore GCA will be open to all students on March 4 and 5.  The faculty workshop has been canceled and school will be in session, both days, to all students.

Under God’s Grace,

Bonnie Chow

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