1st Semester Coming To A Close

Dear Parents:                                                                                              December 2013


The first semester is coming to a close, with special events planned for the students.  The quarter ends on December 19.

All Students:

Special Christmas activities on December 19!  This year, most of the homeroom teachers have added a community or civic responsibility twist to their Christmas party schedule.  Getting students involved in the local and global communities is an important part of their education.

            The annual Christmas Program was a wonderful opportunity for the students to shine musically and the speaking parts were quite impressive as well.  Attendance was not as strong as in the past, lacking at least 70 adults.  Since this was the first time that we have presented a program on a Friday evening, we must consider that this is not a good schedule for many of you.  Yet, those in attendance overwhelmingly expressed their approval of a Friday evening program.  If you were unable to attend, due to the Friday evening schedule, please call the office so that we can plan for next December.


Christmas vacation begins on Friday, December 20.  There will be no classes or exams on December 20.  The school office will be open during the Christmas vacation period, except for Wednesday, December 25.  School will open on Monday, January 6, 2014, for a full day of classes.  We wish you a blessed Christmas holiday and encourage you to visit local churches this weekend and on Christmas Eve.  If you are looking for a church close to your home, we would like to help you.  Please call the school office and we’ll help to get you connected to a church close to your home.

Elementary Division Only:

December 19: Trip to a hospital in Taipei for grades 1-3

 Middle School Division Only:

December 16-19:  Final Exams for the first quarter

Monday 12-16Tuesday12-17Wednesday12-18Thursday12-19
ReadingGrammar and Social StudiesSocial StudiesMath



High School Division Only:

December 16-17:  Exam Schedule 7:45-1:00 (Half day schedule for high school only)

Monday, December 16Tuesday, December 17
8:00 P.E.8:00 exam for 8:00 classes
9:00 exam for 9:50 classes9:00 exam for 9:00 classes
10:00 exam for 1:55 classes10:00 exam for 10:40 classes
11:00 exam for 1:05 classes11:00 exam for 11:30 classes
12:00 homeroom12:00 homeroom


Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow



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