“WASC” Full Accreditation

 Dear Parents:                                                                                                             July 01, 2015

On this first day of summer school, offering a fun and educational opportunity for the summer break for at least 40 students, we have good news to report.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), has awarded GCA full accreditation. There are many who should share the congratulations.

We thank Dr. Owens for transforming our school from a textbook based school to a standards based school and meticulously guiding the teachers toward meeting the demands of WASC.

We thank the teachers for their hours of committee work, gathering data and persistently teaching those standards.

We thank parents who were involved in meetings with WASC representatives.

We thank school board members and advisory board members for whom we depend upon for straightforward advise and strategic recommendations.

We also want to thank Ms. Yeh, Ms. Kao, Amy, Jackie, Mr. Biao, Mr. Kou and all of our staff for building a warm environment while being observant in regard to the needs of a growing and developing school.

This is cause for great celebration, however, our hearts are still heavy as we offer comfort to the families of the four students who were severely burned. Please continue to pray for them during this critical week of recovery.

Under God’s Grace,
Bonnie Chow
Grace Christian Academy

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