The Year of the Horse

Dear Parents: January 2014
Congratulations for another prosperous and productive year to reflect upon and the promise of continuing prosperity. We wish you God’s blessings as you commit your future into the watchful and steady care of the Savior.

We want to thank God for great things that are going on at GCA.
New Teachers! We are proud of the hard working teachers who care so diligently for our students. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Albano and Mr. Tarpy have been great additions to our faculty.
Elementary division: The number of students keeps growing! First grade has expanded from two students last year, to six this year. Grade 3 has grown from two students last year, to five this year.
Middle School: With large classes of 20 and 22 students, we have split grades 7 and 8 in half for their Science, Math, Grammar and Reading classes. Positive effects are quite evident.
High School: The Scholar’s Club has been a mainstay for years, but there are currently 3 other after school clubs: Book Club, Red Cross Club, and Chess Club. Our seniors are starting to hear back from their college applications and visiting former students are giving reports of their readiness for college life. We are proud of them and we are excited about the prospects from the group of seniors this year.
Under God’s Grace,
Mrs. Chow

Dates to remember:
28 Field Day; Last Day of classes for students before the Chinese New Year
29 Faculty Workshop; no classes for students
30-31 No classes for students
3-4 No classes for students
5 First day back to school after the Chinese New Year Vacation
10 Yearbook photos taken
13 Midterm 3rd quarter.

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