June 2013 GCA Newsletter

Dear Parents:

What a great year this has been! Thank you for allowing GCA to be a part of your lives.


The annual Graduation ceremony at Grace Christian Academy will be held on Tuesday evening, June 4, at 7:00. We invite you to attend. All students will be performing and are required to wear their black and white performance clothes. Please arrive at school by 6:45. Please be reminded that we do not provide supervision or childcare from 3:45-6:45 and that there is no parking available in our building for evening programs.


The annual Yearbook has arrived from the printer and it looks great! Congratulations to the Yearbook staff for their work. The Yearbook is available for $500NT in the school office and will be available at the Graduation ceremony. Seniors have paid for their Yearbook through their senior fee and can collect it in the school office at any time.

Summer school

Summer School is available to all elementary students and some high school students. Summer school runs for the four weeks of July. All of the teachers are well known by our students at GCA. Summer school elementary students are not required to hold foreign passports. This is an opportunity for friends or relatives to experience international education. Please contact the school office for more information.

High school students who have failed certain subjects are able to make up course work in summer school. Students who have scores which are 69.4% or lower, can call the school office to learn if a summer school session for that course is available.

Final Exams

Middle school final exams will be given between Thursday, June 6 and Thursday, June 13. High school exams will be given in the same manner as at the end of the third quarter, with two half days of school scheduled. Monday, June 10 and Thursday, June 13 are the two half days for high school exams.

Middle School exam schedule:

Thursday, June 6, Reading

Friday, June 7, Math

Monday, June 10, Grammar and Social Studies part 1

Tuesday, June 11, Social Studies part 2

Thursday, June 13, Science


High School exam schedule:

Monday, June 10

8:00 exam for the 9:50 class

9:00 exam for the 10:40 class

10:00 exam for the 11:30 class

11:00 2:45 Bible class

MS lunch at 11:30; HS lunch at 12:00

12:30 dismissal for high school only


Thursday, June 13

8:00 exam for the 9:00 hour

9:00 exam for the 1:05 class

10:00 exam for the 1:50 class

11:00 exam for the 2:40 class

12:00 exam for the 8:00 class, only if they have an academic class at that time otherwise, students attend their Thursday morning 8:00 class.

MS lunch at 11:30; HS lunch at 12:00

12:30 dismissal for high school only


We thank all of you who have had a part in supporting the orphanage in Myanmar. We have not quite reached our goal of raising $350,000 which will cover all of their operational costs for 12 months. One of our teachers encouraged us to keep parents informed, knowing that some parents want to get their children into the habit of contributing globally to the needs of others, but have not been asked to donate. Please be advised that you can still contribute to the needs of the orphanage. You can bring along a contribution to the graduation ceremony, send money to school, or wire funds directly to the school account. GCA has been honored to support this orphanage. Throughout the history of our school, we have purchased land, built a wall around the compound, and provided for emergency situations such as the generator needed after a severe time of flooding. It is our goal each year, to provide for the operational needs of the orphanage.

Thank you,

Mrs. Chow

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