GCA August 2013 Newsletter

The 2013-2014 School year has had a great beginning!  The students have returned from their summer vacation with enthusiasm for new discoveries.

Back to the Basics and Onward with the Standards!  Moving from following publisher’s curriculum to US State standards, has been a journey that has spanned three years.  It has involved committees, professional development, practical training, and countless hours of research and planning.  As we look around the campus, we can see the standards at work in every classroom.

Welcoming new teachers!  We wish to introduce you to new teachers at GCA.  Two husband and wife teaching teams have joined our school and an additional Science teacher.  We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Garrett from the US, Mr. Snow, also from the US, and Mrs. Snow, from Germany.  We also welcome Dr. Catbagan who will be working with high school science.

Welcoming new students!  More than 30 new faces have joined GCA already this school year.  Our students have long been appreciated for their friendly attitude and desire to welcome new students.

Grace Christian Academy is a hidden treasure; hidden close to Taipei 101; hidden in the hearts of teachers who care about students and their learning; hidden like buried treasure.  We are an accredited international K-12 school with a diverse faculty and a diverse student body.

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