Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Parents of students at Grace Christian Academy:

Happy Chinese New Year to you!  It is always a privilege to be in Taiwan during this holiday period.  The whole city is in a state of celebration!  Our building looks great.  It’s filled with Chinese decorations prepared by our students.  We are amazed at how talented the students are, and how eager they have been to share these talents.  If you are in our neighborhood, please stop by and I’ll give you a tour of the building.  My cell phone number is 0988 853 394.

The Annual Talent Show is just days away.  On the evenings of March 3 and 4, the students will be presenting group and individual performances for our entertainment.  Perhaps we’ve spent a bit too much time preparing Chinese New Year decorations and not enough time working on the performances.  There will be about 40 different performances over the two nights, but none of them are quite ready.  Please remind your son/daughter to spend time over the vacation to work on their presentations.

The dancing around the building has been as cute as can be.  The older students are preparing to sing the “Happy” song from Pharrell Williams.  The rhythm is quite challenging, but it just seems impossible to listen to this music without moving.  Please send in short video clips of dancing at home, in a park, or while you are traveling about on vacation.  We would love to see the whole family involved as we combine the clips into a background for the musical presentation.  Get your pets involved too!  Ms. Lin has prepared http://gcachoir.blogspot.tw/ for the choir members, but I’ve been enjoying this You Tube spot with the  little yellow minions for the Happy song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-GLuydiMe4&list=RDQ-GLuydiMe4#t=0.

Dress rehearsals for the Talent Show have been changed to Wednesday, February 25, since Wednesday is more convenient for Mr. Cheng.  Students should wear their black pants/skirts and white dress shirts/blouses to school.  Here are some other dates to remember.

Under God’s Grace,

Bonnie Chow


Grace Christian Academy



March 23-26; Spiritual Emphasis Week; field trip to Yang Ming Shan

March 27; Faculty workshop date; no school for students

March 27-28; Scholar’s Cup competition in Taiwan

April 3-10; Spring Break, no classes       

April 13-17; Registration for the 2015-2016 school year

April 13-16; WASC  visit        

April 20-24; Standardized Tests, grades 1-12; half day schedule, 1:00 dismissal for all; afternoon Parent conferences; afternoon internship opportunities for grades 11-12.

June 2; Graduation Ceremony, performances from students in grades 1-12

June 5-12; Final Exams, grades 6-8

June 10-11; Final Exams, grades 9-12; half day schedule, 1:00 dismissal

June 12; Last day of school, 1:00 dismissal

July 1; Summer session begins


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