Upcoming Service Trip

Dear Parents:

Thank you for supporting the orphanage in Myanmar.  It is wonderful to expose students to their responsibilities toward the global community in this manner.  We were proud of the students’ attitudes as they worked within their neighborhood and within their school community on the first day of April.  We are grateful for the donations which have been arriving for families in two townships in Hsinchu County; Jianshih and Wufeng Townships.  For one month, we will conduct a food drive, gathering nonperishable items (April 14-May 14).  The girls in grade 9 have been visiting all of the homerooms each morning to collect donated items.  Thank you for what you have sent in.  A special request has been made for adult diapers for elderly shut ins.

The donated goods will be delivered on Saturday, May 14.  We had hoped that many students would want to travel to the townships to help distribute the goods personally, however, it appears that the NT$3500 charge for a two-day trip is more than what families are prepared to spend.  We have changed the two-day trip to a one day trip.  The new cost is NT$1000 per person.  The itinerary is as follows.


  Saturday, May 14
6:00am depart from GCA
9:30-12:00 Help to divide and distribute donations into the townships. Some will travel with the donations.
12:00-2:00 Aboriginal meal.  We are hoping that most will be able to participate in the meal preparations.
2:30-4:30 Agricultural Experience Activities. There is a bit of mystery in regard to the content of the learning experiences, however, we will be led by those who conduct such experiences professionally.
5:00pm return to Taipei; estimated arrival time is 8:30


If you are interested in attending on May 14, please write or call the school office.  All high school students are invited.  Middle school and elementary students must be accompanied by one of their parents.  Please send the NT$1000 per person charge to the school office by Wednesday, May 4.  Students must wear their GCA polo.  If you would like to purchase the GCA polo shirts for your family, please contact the school office.

Under God’s Grace,

Bonnie Chow


Grace Christian Academy


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