End of The 4th Quarter

Dear Parents:                                                                                        March 10, 2014

      What great fun the Talent Shows were this year!  The variety was exceptional! 

    We appreciate the comments from parents after the program and the calls that came in later from parents  in support of the efforts to integrate fine arts into the regular schedule of the students.    We are proud of the students! 

    We want to express specific praise to the production team, led by Casey Jackman and Hank Huang.  Other members are Michelle Hsieh, Arielle Esteban, Hibiki Tsuyoshi, Adam Yi, Jill Kung, Moses Ibrahim, Kate Park, Sharah Roh, and Karen Yu.  They were responsible for the unusual, but clever Airlines theme, and for all other aspects of the production: design, power point, programs, script, sound and lighting.  We thank Mrs. Owens who served as their faculty advisor and contributed many hours of creative assistance. 

    Thank you for your support, as you encouraged your son/daughter through the rehearsal phases of the program.  I asked one student, “Which is more stressful for you, competing in a race or the Talent Show?”  His answer was quick and definitive; “Of course, the Talent Show!”  The students get excited and push themselves to do what is sometimes outside of their comfort zone, and the rewards are bountiful. 

   The fourth quarter is coming to a close.  Here is a copy of the exam schedule for your reference

 Middle School: 

 Bible exams:  March 13 or 14.  Grades recorded in the office by Friday, March 21. 


March 17


March 18


March 19


March 20



ReadingScienceSocial StudiesGrammar and Social StudiesMath


 Fourth quarter begins on March 24.  

High School

Bible exams:  March 13 or 14.  Grades recorded in the office by Friday, March 21.

 March 18-19:  Exam Schedule 7:45-1:00 (Half day schedule for high school only)

Tuesday, March 18Wednesday, March 19
8:00 exam for 8:00 classes8:00 P.E.
9:00 exam for 9:00 classes9:00 exam for 9:50 classes
10:00 exam for 10:40 classes10:00 exam for 1:55 classes
11:00 exam for 11:30 classes11:00 exam for 1:05 classes
12:00 homeroom12:00 homeroom

 Fourth quarter begins on March 24.

 Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow


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