Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal

Dear Parents:
Please help our students to arrive at school on Monday morning, December 1, ready for their Dress Rehearsal of the annual Christmas program. All students playing an instrument must have that instrument with them.
All students must be in their performance black and whites, but they can bring a change of clothes for after the rehearsal.
1. Long black skirt; even for the young girls
2. White blouse
3. Black hose and shoes are preferred, but not mandatory; no heels!

1. Black dress pants
2. White dress shirt; not a polo or t-shirt
3. black shoes are preferred, but not mandatory

The Dress Rehearsal is closed to the public! You will need to wait until Tuesday evening, December 2, at 7:00pm. Students with instruments should arrive at 6:30 to get in place and tune them up. Students without instruments can arrive at 6:45.
Under God’s Grace,
Bonnie Chow
Grace Christian Academy

Dear Parents:
The week of November 17-21 marks the midterm of the second quarter. Teachers will send notices home, via the students, if he/she is currently earning a score of less than 70%. If you would like more information in regard to current scores, students can request a copy of their grade keeper on any Friday. We ask that requests come through students, rather than through parents or the office, for students in grades 6-12.
Here is a reminder of special events coming in the months of November and December.

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