Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents:

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year; the 15th year of school for Grace Christian Academy, which was established in 1998.  It is an honor to connect you with a faculty of dedicated educators.



The teachers at GCA are:

1.       Professionals who strive to find the best methods of bringing new information to students so that growth and maturity is evident to parents as we observe developmental changes and as we interact with our children;

2.       Caring facilitators who take the time to understand their students and help them as they work through their assignments, projects, and challenges;

3.       Positive encouragers who rally behind their students; cheering them on as they progress toward excellence academically, physically and spiritually.

This will be the first year of school at GCA for at least 37 new students.  Both the middle school and the high school divisions have experienced an increase in the number of students from the 2011-2012 school year.  To accommodate this expansion, we are using the two classrooms on the seventh floor which were not previously available to high school students.  We have new Science textbooks for the entire middle school!  Mr. Jackman is especially pleased with the increased lab opportunities.

Unfortunately, this is the first year of our school in which we do not offer kindergarten classes.  Our total student enrollment is stable, due to increases in both the middle school and high school divisions, but we continue to experience a decline in elementary enrollment.  So, for those families who are searching for a small classroom size, GCA is the best alternative, where grades 1-5 have a total enrollment of 20 students!

Under God’s Grace,

Mrs. Chow


Grace Christian Academy