Annual Charity Event 2014

Dear Parents:myanmar poster

Please donate funds for the Orphanage in Myanmar!

The students and teachers at Grace Christian Academy have been raising funds for the Grace Charity Center Orphanage for 16 years. As we look at photos each year, we are pleased with the development of the ministry, with the positive changes demonstrated in the lives of the children, and with the wise usage of the financial support that has been provided. It is amazing how much can be done with what we send along from GCA!

The orphanage has grown from the efforts of Pastor Kuo (the brother the Head Chef at GCA) and his family, who ministered to children who were orphaned, to a strong organized support system of staff and educators for a group of 25 children and young people. Visitors who have traveled from GCA to Myanmar have included Pastor John Chow, our school Chancellor, Mr. Michael Greer, Mr. Jonathan Greer, and a few of the students at GCA. There have also been representative groups from our church who have traveled to the Orphanage. They always welcome visitors from Taipei.

We are expecting to raise NT$350,000 for the orphanage. This can be accomplished if each student and teacher contributes NT$2010. Each year, there are families who want to contribute well above the amount we ask for; we’ll keep you informed weekly, of the growing totals contributed. We thank those families who want to do more, and admire their desire to demonstrate to their children the importance of being connected globally to issues such as poverty and conflict, that seem insurmountable for individuals to conquer.

Thank you for phone calls and inquiries as to the current status of the fund raising program. Many students have asked if there will be a basketball rally or a “Myanmar Run” as we had in the past. I apologize that this will not happen this year. We are attempting to raise the needed funds without these programs. However, if you would like to choose a homeroom and contribute matching funds for whatever amount they bring in, it could add a spark as well as some drama!
Here are some of the latest photos from the orphanage. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Under God’s Grace,
Mrs. Chow

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